Sustainable and Environmental

These natural dyeing methods are unique and have not been successfully applied on an industrial scale before.

However, compared to conventional dyeing systems, Veg-t technique uses less water and less energy in its processes.

Veg-t natural dyeing, 35% to 50% less water is used. Our greatest contribution to the world and humanity will be the protection and recovery of water.

The dyestuff materials and auxiliary materials used in this technique are biodegradable. Waste can be reused. Clean materials and sustainable resources are used. It is not problematic for the environment and health.


The biodegradability of many synthetic chemicals is slow. And bioaccumulation tendency. It is concentrated in the body of man and other creatures. Insoluble in water and accumulates in oil.

They are considered toxic due to their negative effects on human health.

Natural dyestuff (clay and plant ekstract) and clean materials (non-petro-chemistry) are biodegradable and non-toxic. They are not harmful to human health and the environment.