“Natural Clean Tech”

These natural dyeing methods are unique and successfully applied on an industrial scale.

Our Process

Start from the nature

Veg-t has a patented and special production technique.
Supported by the European Union Research Funds.
The quality and standards of the products produced with Veg-t technique are approved and inspected by GOTS sertificate.

Fabric Dyeing and Printing

Fabric Dyeing and Printing with Veg-t Natural Dyeing Technique

Garment Maker

Products designed using Veg-t natural dyed fabrics are sewn in confection.

100% Natural Garment!

100% Veg-t Natural Dyed Garment

Ready for store

100% Natural products are ready for shopping.

GOTS Certificated!

Veg-t, sustainable, clean process, eco friendly, energy saving, water saving 100% natural.

Our biggest aim!

Our greatest contribution to the world and humanity will be the protection and recovery of water.