“Natural Clean Tech”

Products with Veg-t certification are compiled only from natural materials and sustainable sources.

Until the discovery of synthetic dyes, textile dyeing was done with natural dyes.

Since cotton has been used industrially in textile industry, natural dyeing has been decreasing day by day. One reason for this is that natural dyes do not provide sufficient affinity with cotton fiber. In time, the dyeing with dyestuffs obtained from the roots, leaves and shells of plants was carried out as “workshop and hand made”.

In boilers, with the addition and heating of metal salts. Of course it could not be industrial. It was impossible to capture this change, fashion and trend were changing so fast.

Cotton fibers can be dyed with natural dyes by using Veg-t dyeing technique and they provide the desired fastnesses in textile. This could be a sign of a transformation that could be a milestone in natural dyeing …

We can protect our resources that are contaminated and exhausted every day in this way.

This natural dyeing technique, will provide a compromise between fashion production and sustainable living..