Our Story

CORREM has developed a new natural dyeing technique that completely exceeds the problems of affinity and consistency. As a result of long-term research and studies, this technology provides an increase in the affinity of dyestuffs to cotton.

Veg-t technique is easy to obtain intense colors in both herbal indigo, natural plant and clay. These natural dyeing methods are unique and have not been successfully applied on an industrial scale before. This unique technique developed by CORREM is also called Veg-t. Supported by European Union Research Funds. Patent and protection can only be made by the producers who have been licensed by CORREM. Licensed producers can produce according to Veg-t technique and standards. The quality and standards of the products produced by Veg-t technique are inspected and approved by Veg-t certificate.

Products with Veg-t certification are compiled only from natural materials and sustainable sources.

That is why our “Natural Clean Tech” has been our motto.

This technology overcomes all those problems of its predecessors and ready to move the natural dyeing to the next step:

Eco-Friendly production with the high productivity of conventional artifical dyeing systems.

Industrial scale production

High standarts of conventional systems.

Veg-t dyeing technique has high strenght and color fastness.

Dye sources come directly from nature and its skin-friendly.

No metal mordants. Bio-resines and natural enzymes only.